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About us.

What is EUMICON?

EUMICON is a European-wide platform gathering stakeholders from the entire value chain of mineral resources and metals industries, from extracting, processing and refining via manufacturing to recycling, to discuss and promote European raw materials value chains for a competitive European industry. By fostering European raw materials value chains, our platform plays a crucial role in safeguarding Europe's economic prosperity while ensuring its transition to a carbon-neutral continent.

Our mission

EUMICON is Europe’s strong platform outlining Europe's challenges and opportunities in the field of raw materials. Through High-Level events, bilateral meetings, delegation trips, workshops and educational cooperations, EUMICON provides the settings to discuss and shape the political, ecological and technological conditions for a European industrial and economic sovereignty and prosperity through value chains.

Our vision

EUMICON aims at building a sustainable, competitive and resilient Europe through raw materials value chains in Europe.

Our values

Our platform

Together, our voice will be louder

Since 2012, we are a platform that gathers several European stakeholders involved in the value chains of mineral and metal industries to find common solutions for a European strategic autonomy. Thanks to our platform and our activities, our partners have developed shared solutions and been raising awareness about the importance of raw materials value chains for the development of our Europe at all levels.

What we offer to our partners

We facilitate their opinions, solutions and best practices exchange by organising meetings with key policy actors in the sector in different set ups.

Why joining us?

  • If you are a company: by connecting with the stakeholders from the private sector who face similar challenges in Europe’s raw materials industry, you will be able to join the forces and advocate for similar interests using one voice.
  • If you are a policymaker: by connecting with the target groups of the industrial policies, you will be able to get valuable insights to develop and implement better policies with a bottom-up approach while meeting their both everyone’s interests.
  • If you are a trade union or NGO:  by connecting with the stakeholders from the civil society who identified similar challenges in Europe’s raw materials sector, you will be able to join the forces and advocate for similar interests using one voice.
  • If you are a school or university: by connecting with key actors and experts in the raw materials industry in Europe, you will be able to provide your students with the right skills to work in the industrial sector while contributing to building a green and digital Europe.

Join us today

If you are interested in EUMICON, please fill in the form and we will schedule a call to give you an in-depth overview of our work.

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