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14 Dec 2023

EUMICON teams up with eMobility Expo World Congress for a Greener Tomorrow

We are thrilled to announce that EUMICON has officially become strategic partner of the eMobility Expo World Congress (eMEVLC) 2024, taking place from 13 to 15 February. The international conference stands as an influential platform shaping the future of mobility through sustainability and technology. It not only addresses emission reduction objectives but also facilitates the development of safer, more intelligent, sustainable, connected, and autonomous mobility for today and tomorrow’s world.

As EUMICON, we strongly emphasise the pivotal role of raw materials value chains in achieving a sustainable and green transition. Joining as a strategic partner, our focus is to spread awareness on how securing strategic and critical materials supplies enable and accelerate the digital and green transitions.

What to know about the eMEVLC 2024:

The event will gather 375 global professional experts from diverse industries such as transport, eco cities, energy, industry 4.0, and security. The congress will feature 10 vertical forums covering topics such as Electric Vehicles, Eco Cities, Zero Emissions, Future of Mobility where experts will share insights spanning major vehicle manufacturers, ride-share services, public transport operators, navigation software companies, research institutes, and more. In addition, designed exclusively for mobility trailblazers, the eMEVLC 2024 offers unique C-Level agendas tailored to diverse professional journeys, including:

  • CEO’s Leadership Summit
  • Fleet Management Summit
  • Governments & Manufacturers Summit

With a holistic perspective, the congress aims to integrate technologies innovatively, optimising processes, and enhancing competitiveness.

Stay tuned for more updates as EUMICON and eMobility Expo World Congress pave the way for a sustainable future!


For more information about the event and for registering as a participant, please check the official website of the eMobility World Congress 2024.